Monument Valley 2, Your Best Friend, Totem

Good news for you who love puzzle game. One of most popular puzzle, Monument Valley, has its sequel launched this year. The Monument Valley 2, actually, doesn’t change too much from its first series. If you play the first one, you won’t find it hard to adapt with the game play on this new game. There are some useful features from the first game that you can find here. One of them is Totem.

Like on the first game, the Totem in Monument Valley 2 will become your friend and helper. In some of level to get faster you need one of working hack tool and just try this, you can’t even finish the puzzle without using the help from Totem. Because of this reason, whenever you see Totem in any level, you must use it. The Totem will always have its own role to the puzzle on that level. Therefore, if you think that you can’t solve the puzzle or the level is too difficult for you, and there is Totem on that level that means you haven’t use the Totem like it should be.

The Totem in Monument Valley 2 itself can be used in various ways. You can slide it around and use it for much different purpose, such as keep the button pressed, extra base for reaching other place and many ore. Some of Totem also has door that you can open and goes through it to reach new area on that level. Totem also is very useful when you use the slider or crank. Basically, whenever you see Totem in a level, use it! And, it’s not only Totem. Vegetation, slider, crank, block and many more always has specific function to solve the puzzle. Use them all and guaranteed you will be able to solve the puzzle on that level. For another good and valuable online generator just run this subway surfers hack tool online.

There are many people think that some of level in Monument Valley 2 was made, so it won’t be able to solved. That’s wrong. Every level in this game can be solved. There is always solution that you can use. Totem is one of them. Therefore, if you find level that you think it’s impossible to solve, do not give up. Think it carefully, out of the box, see it from different perspective and try to approach it with different method, that way you will end up with the solution that you need. And, one more important thing, just have fun playing Monument Valley 2, one of best puzzle game you can find for mobile gadget.